TV Tuesdays

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So since I’ve been slacking lately, we’re doing 2 this week. First up is one of my favorite shows

Psych is about witty, comical super observant Shawn Spencer

who pretends to be a psychic and uses his extraordinary skills of observation and deduction to solve cases for the Santa Barbara (California) Police Department.
He works with his lifelong best friend Burton Guster (Gus for short)

who’s knowledge of Pharmaceuticals and the “super sniffer” help Shawn solve cases and also his calm, serious demeanor levels out Shawn crazy antics.
Shawn will also enlist the help of his former police detective dad, Henry Spencer

who’s always reminding Shawn to take a step back and rethink the crime to see if he missed any clues.
Shawn also works closely with members of the SBPD such as his boss Chief Karen Vick

who even though may seem a rough around the edges, always recognizes Shawn’s good work.
Shawn also works closely with love interest and current girlfriend Juliet O’Hara

After 5 years of sexual tension the two finally revealed their feelings for each other and our now dating.
And finally one of the funniest and most interesting characters on the show, is the trigger happy, head detective of the SBPD Carlton Lassiter

who can’t stand Shawn’s lack of protocol, and how even though not a cop, some how manages to solve the case before he does.

Whether they’re dealing with a “Friday the 13th” axe murderer, going undercover as a singing duo, veterinarians, spies, a sheriff and a blacksmith, spell masters, or even George Takei’s assistants. Or even defeating the wise and cunning Yin Yang serial killer, Shawn and Gus will always solve the crime, and have some fun along the way.

Overall I give Psych a full 5 stars out of 5.

It is a well written, clever dramedy (drama/comedy) and is just a great show. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes murder mystery shows, 80’s and 90’s references and just overall comedy. CHECK IT OUT! Wednesday nights at 10/9c

Now that Psych is done, it is two good of a show that I have to post about it alone. TV Tuesdays will have a part two on Thursday (TV Thursday) where I will review and discuss AMC’s The Walking Dead

Be sure to check it out!

Marvel Mondays

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The man….

The Monster…..

The Legend….

Wolverine. Known for years as Logan, actually started out as James Howlett
Wolverine was born as James Howlett in Alberta, Canada, in the early 1890’s to rich farm owners, John and Elizabeth Howlett. Also on the property is cruel groundskeeper Thomas Logan. After a heated argument between John and Thomas, Thomas is banned from the property, only to return a few nights later. He returns to rob the Howletts and to convince Elizabeth to leave with him (it is implied that they had an affair). John Howlett enters the bedroom after hearing noises. Thomas kills John Howlett with a shotgun blast in front of Elizabeth and James. The horror of his father’s death causes James’ powers to manifest for the first time, and he uses his claws (then made out of bone) to kill Thomas.

Elizabeth, surprisingly, cradles the body of Thomas Logan rather than that of her husband. After a few moments, Elizabeth, with her shallow grip on reality shattered, picks up Thomas’ shotgun and kills herself.

James and childhood friend Rose escape, James no longer remembering anything that happen. This loss of memory is due to Wolverine’s/James’ healing factor which, in effect, “healed” (by putting up a mental block) the mentally devastating traumas of witnessing his father’s death, the confusion of mother’s anger towards him and the pain and surprise caused by the sudden manifestation of his claws. Rose seeks help from her relatives, who reject her, and even James’ grandfather drives them both from the house due to the manifestation of James’ powers. They are given some money and take the train from Alberta to British Columbia, where they get work in a stone quarry.
Rose claims that her male companion is her cousin and, since they are on the run, calls him Logan to conceal his identity; though why she should choose the name of their enemy remains unexplained. After Thomas Logan’s son Dog comes to find James for revenge for his father the two began to fight which ends with Rose accidentally being impaled on James’ claws. James (now going by Logan) goes mad with grief (his healing factor throwing up another mental block due to accidentally killing his first love) and runs into the woods, where he stays for an as yet unknown amount of time, living like a wild animal. Eventually Wolverine comes back to civilization and is ushered into the Canadian military during World War I.

Logan then spends some time in Madripoor, before settling in Japan, where he marries Itsu

and has a son, Daken.

During World War II, Logan teams up with Captain America

and continues a career as a soldier-of-fortune/adventurer. He then serves with the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during D-Day, and the CIA, before being recruited by Team X, a black ops unit.

It was here where he met his long time foe Sabertooth AKA Victor Creed, at the time actually working with him.

After given fake memory implants he was released from Team X for being too “soft” and had no memory of ever working for the team. A few months later is when the Weapon X program finds and kidnaps Logan and experiment on him for quite some time eventually infusing his skeleton including his bone claws with an unbreakable metal known as Adamantium

After going into a beserker rage and escaping the facility,

Logan wanders out into the wild once again.
Logan is eventually discovered by James and Heather Hudson (The Guardians)

who help him recover his humanity. Following his recovery, Logan, this time under the supervision of Department H, once again works as an intelligence operative for the Canadian government. Logan becomes Wolverine, one of Canada’s first superheroes. In his first mission, he is dispatched to stop the destruction caused by a brawl between the Hulk and the Wendigo. (which is how he debuted in the comics)

Later on, Professor Charles Xavier recruits Wolverine to a new team of X-Men. Disillusioned with his Canadian intelligence work and intrigued by Xavier’s offer, Logan resigns from Department H. It was later revealed, however, that Professor X had wiped Logan’s memories and forced him to join the X-Men after Wolverine was sent to assassinate Xavier.

Wolverine is a mutant with a number of both natural and artificial improvements to his physiology. His primary mutant power is an accelerated healing process, typically referred to as his mutant healing factor, that regenerates damaged or destroyed tissues of his body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human. This power facilitated the artificial improvements he was subjected to under the Weapon X program (in later comics called the Weapon Plus program), in which his skeleton was reinforced with the virtually indestructible metal adamantium. Although his body heals, the healing factor does not suppress the pain he endures while injured. This includes the extending and retracting of his claws. Wolverine’s mutation also consists of animal-like adaptations of his body, including pronounced, and sharp fang-like canines and three retractable claws housed within each forearm. While originally depicted as bionic implants created by the Weapon X program, the claws are later revealed to be a natural part of his body. The claws are not made of keratin, as claws tend to be in the animal kingdom, but extremely dense bone, and, with their adamantium coating, can cut substances as durable as most metals, wood, and some varieties of stone. They can also be used to block attacks or projectiles, as well as dig into surfaces allowing Wolverine to climb structures. Wolverine’s hands do not have openings for the claws to move through: they cut through his flesh every time he extrudes them, with occasional references implying that he feels a brief moment of slight pain in his hands when he unsheathes them. In addition to all that he also is impervious to all diseases, fatigue, and telepathic attacks. Overall he is one man you do not want to meet in a dark alley.

Whether in the comics


Or Movies

Wolverine is one badass mother you do not want to get involved with. From heightened senses, to impenetrable bones and amazing healing factor, to deadly claws.
Wolverine is and will always be on of the most dangerous Marvel characters, and superhero of all time. And that’s why he’s my favorite.

Guilford’s Corner

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yeah yeah I know I haven’t been on much, but I gotta do Guilford’s corner.
In connection with Marvel Mondays here is GALACTUS


And just for all those haters out there, another conqueror of universes
Darth Vader

Haters Gonna Hate


Marvel Mon….Tuesdays?

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Ok so I’m a little late….ok ALOT late but here we go. Today we’re gonna talk about

Galactus was originally the explorer Galan from the planet Taa, which existed in the universe before the Big Bang. When an impending cataclysm gradually kills all other life in his universe, he and other survivors leave Taa via a space vessel, eventually becoming engulfed in the Big Crunch. However, Galan does not die, but is transformed through a bonding with the Sentience of the Universe. He gestates for billions of years in the next universe that formed, emerging as Galactus. A Watcher observes the birth of Galactus, but choses to not take the opportunity to kill him. Once fully aware, Galactus experiences hunger so strongly that he consumes the nearby planet of Archeopia.

The planet ultimately becomes the first of many, as Galactus must consume their life energies for sustenance. In memory of both his dead home-world of Taa and for the first planet to fall prey to his hunger, Galactus constructs his new “home-world”, Taa II.
Eventually, Galactus decides to empower others as a Herald to locate worlds for him. He recruits Norrin Radd as the Silver Surfer.

An undetermined amount of time afterwards, Galactus makes his way to Earth, but is defeated by the efforts of the Fantastic Four,

Uatu the Watcher,

and a rebellious Silver Surfer. Galactus leaves Earth, vowing that he will never try to consume it again. As he leaves, he relegates the Silver Surfer to Earth for betraying him.
Overtime Galactus is actually riddled with guilt over the worlds he’s destroyed but must continue or else he dies. He’s searched for ways to fulfill his hunger without destroying planets, finally finding an Asgarding artifact that would sate his appetite.

Galactus wields the Power Cosmic and can employ it to produce nearly any effect he desires, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects — even an entire galaxy, across space or time, size-alteration, the projection of energy with indeterminable destructive force, the erection of nearly impenetrable force fields, the creation of interdimensional and intra-dimensional portals, telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and a form of cosmic awareness. Galactus is also capable of creating sentient life, resurrecting the dead, manipulating mortal souls, memories, and emotions, and restoring dead planets and populations in every detail.

All that being said, Galactus is one larger than life character and someone you simply don’t wanna mess with!

Marvel Mondays.

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Good Evening Emlination! Today’s Marvel character is the fabulously goofy and awesome Kurt Wagner or as he’s better known Nightcrawler

Now most times he looks like that, however he has had some altered appearances like in X-men Evolution

And X2: X-Men United

Nightcrawler is a mutant born with fine blue-black fur covering his body, two fingers with an opposable thumb on each hand and only two toes, each longer than a normal human being’s, on each foot and a third toe-like projection on his heel, as well as pronounced, fang-like canine teeth, yellow eyes, pointed ears, and a 31⁄2-foot-long (1.1 m) prehensile pointed tail which can support his weight.
Among his more ironic character traits, Wagner is an extremely religious man. A devout Catholic, his demonic appearance obviously makes it very difficult to attend Masses.
Now most mutants powers don’t develop until around the age of 13 or so, and even though Kurt’s powers didn’t manifest until he was older, he was born with his unusual appearance. Wagner has used a personal holographic device called an image-inducer on several occasions to produce a holographic image of himself as an ordinary human so that he might interact with non-mutants in a normal fashion

Margali Szardos, a sorceress and gypsy queen, allegedly found Wagner an hour after his birth, in a small roadside shelter in the Bavarian Alps. She claimed to have found his alleged father, Eric Wagner, dead of a heart attack on the road outside, and Kurt’s mother lying next to the baby dying. However, this claim was later called into question, and it was subsequently proven that Kurt’s mother is Mystique, also known as Raven Darkholme,

and his father is the demonic warlord Azazel.

Mystique revealed that she threw him into a well after a large mob found out about Nightcrawler’s existence, and Azazel admitted that he secretly saved his son from the fall, giving him to his lover and crony, Margali Szardos, to raise him.

He leaved a happy life in a Circus in Germany where he wasn’t seen as a menace until after a fight with another boy he unintentionally killed him and was chased out of his hometown where Professor Xavier

found him and took him back to the states. Where he stayed an X-man for quite a long time. That is until recently…

In Chapter Five of the X-Men: Second Coming storyline, Rogue and Nightcrawler fight an enhanced version of Bastion.

When Bastion tries to kill Hope,

Nightcrawler teleports to her aid, but Bastion detects Nightcrawler’s mutant powers activating and extends his arm into the space in which Nightcrawler will materialize. Nightcrawler rematerializes around Bastion’s arm, fusing with it, and is mortally wounded.

With Nightcrawler’s last breath, he teleports the girl to Utopia. As he dies upon their arrival on the island, Nightcrawler tells Hope that he “believes in her.”

Nightcrawler’s primary mutant power is the ability to teleport himself, his clothing, and a certain amount of additional mass from one point to another virtually instantaneously. He does this by means of displacing himself through an alternate dimension briefly and reappearing in a desired, pre-selected location. He has been shown to be able to teleport distances of up to two miles. He possesses a limited unconscious extrasensory “spatial awareness” ability which prevents him from teleporting into solid objects within his immediate vicinity, but this ability diminishes the greater the distance he teleports. Because teleporting into other solid matter would cause severe injury or death, he will only teleport to an area he is familiar with or that he can clearly see at the time or has seen in the past. His power automatically displaces liquids and gases when he “arrives”. After Nightcrawler teleports, he leaves behind smoke and a faint scent of burning brimstone; this is a small portion of the atmosphere of the dimension he travels through when he teleports. His teleportation power is due to a biophysical/biochemical reaction he consciously triggers within himself. A loud “bamf” noise is always present whenever he teleports (being the sound of air rushing to fill the space he was just occupying). His teleporting also causes a slight change in the atmosphere before he arrives, although only superhumans with heightened senses such as Daredevil

can register it.
In addition to his primary power of teleportation, Nightcrawler’s physiology is unique in several different ways. His agility far surpasses that of an Olympic level gymnast, and his bone structure allows him great flexibility. His spine is more flexible than an ordinary human, enabling him to remain in a crouched position for a long time and perform contortionist-type feats without causing any damage to his spine. Nightcrawler’s agility, balance, bodily coordination, and flexibility are all enhanced to superhuman levels. He has an ability to cling to surfaces with his hands and feet in a manner similar to Spider-Man.

He also possesses superhuman dexterity, being able to manipulate items and fence with either hand, both feet, and his tail.
Nightcrawler has a prehensile tail, allowing him to grab onto objects with relative ease. His tail is strong enough to not only support his body weight, but also lift an adult man completely off the ground at the same time, and is deft enough to fight with while holding a sword or blunt object. Nightcrawler’s eyes (which are constantly glowing) grant him a marked degree of heightened night vision, along with his other heightened senses.

After all that, I finally realize how great of a character he is and 1 thing is for certain. He will be greatly missed by all.

The Lord’s Blog

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Today we finished up the series on forgiveness. What I’ve learned these past 2 weeks is simply this, and this will be a real short post….

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive, is yourself.

Guilford’s Corner

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Ok before I get into the pictures. Let me explain what happen the last 2 days. So Thursdays are suppose to be Show and Tell Thursdays which is where I talk about everything else I don’t already cover, such as books, video games, stuff like that. Well I haven’t bought a new game in a while, and until last night I hadn’t read a book in a while. Thursday this coming week will be much more productive. And Friday is suppose to be Movie Night, but since I worked a midnight shift last night, I didn’t have time to go to the movies, so hopefully next week will be better.

But here we are. Guilford’s Corner, I love Saturday and I know you will too. So here it is. First in the lineup, one of my favorites, and also a throwback to this weeks Marvel Mondays. Fearless leader of the X-Men
Scott Summers AKA Cyclops:

Awesome right? And just as an awesome bonus to all my non-existent fans. A DC character as well. Check out Aquaman

I hope you all liked the artwork. Be sure to check out every Saturday for more. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was Guilford’s Corner

Disclaimer: All artwork was drawn by Matt Guilford, stealing of this artwork for purposes other than promoting Mtt Guilford or makes you a huge douche.

Wrestling Wednesdays

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So Wednesdays is Wrestling Wednesdays and it’ll mostly be about the WWE

This week I’ll be talking about this past Sundays Hell In a Cell pay-per-view

The show opened with The Miz and R-Truth

Who were recently fired (storyline) sitting in the front row with tickets to the event, until Executive Vice President of Talent Relations (man that’s a mouth full) John Laurinaitis

Had them ejected from the building.
So first up at Hell In a Cell (HIAC) was the Celtic Warrior Sheamus vs. Captain Charisma Christian

Overall great match, but not much story behind, just kind of a good opener. Sheamus ended up defeating Christian with the bro-kick
Next up was what I see as one of the most interesting storylines. Good Sin Cara (Mistico) vs. Evil Sin Cara (Hunico)

In what was an absolutely amazing show of traditional Mexican wrestling, this match was one of my favorites. The high-flying was amazing, and sure there were a few botches but overall great matches. Good Sin Cara (blue and gold) pulled out the win.
Next up was Air-Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for the tag championships.

This match was tag team wrestling at it’s best, nothing else really to say. Great match. Air-Boom retain their tag titles.
Next we had the World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry defending his title agains The Viper Randy Orton.

This match really disappointed me. It was inside Hell in a Cell one of the most dangerous and violent structures in the WWE and had two of the most vicious and sadistic people in it and not even a chair was brought into the mix. Could have been ALOT better, atleast Mark Henry retained. I’m a huge Orton fan, but I like the Worlds Strongest Champion.
Next up we had Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

do away with the current title design

and bring back the original design

saying he was in the class of the greats who had won the original title. He then was put in an impromptu match with John Morrison

Even though Rhodes was wrestling in his suit, the match went off without a hitch and Cody Rhodes retain his title.
Next we had Kelly Kelly defend her Divas Title against Beth Phoenix.

Overall it was an ok match, the divas division really sucks right now, but it’s great that Beth won, finally putting the title on someone who can ACTUALLY wrestle.
And finally the main event
WWE Champion John Cena defending his title against CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio

In a triple threat match.
Overall it was a great match, Del Rio won, which was good, just don’t know why they had to take the title off him last month if he was just gonna win it back. Anyway that wasn’t the real story. After the match the cell lifted off the ground just long enough for Miz and R-Truth to slide in and and assault all three wrestlers, the referee and even the camera man. With the Cell being locked it took bolt cutters to let the police officers in the ring and arrest the two, the pay per view ended with The Miz and R-Truth being escorted out in handcuffs.

The following night on Raw was great. The matches overall were pretty good but most of them ended in chaos, leading the question does the current Chief Operating Officer Triple H

Really have control of Raw and the WWE?
In order to find out, Triple H had all his employees, including superstars, divas, commentators, and referees surround the ring and asked if he had their vote of confidence.
Long time commentator Jerry Lawler stepped-up

He told Triple H that he did indeed believe the WWE was out of control but it wasn’t his fault. He said that someone behind the scenes doesn’t want Triple H in that position and will continue to cause chaos until he is gone. This prompted Lawler to tell Triple H he had no confidence in him and left the building. Which caused everyone else to follow. Including wrestlers, commentators, referees, and even camera-men.

The show ended with everyone leaving the arena, and Triple H being alone in the ring with only the fans support.

Overall this is one of the best storylines I’ve seen in a long time and I definitely like where it’s going. If only we could get rid of the dang pg rating I’d be perfect. Overall amazing work WWE.

TV Tuesdays

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OK so now we move on to Tuesdays which are TV Tuesdays, where I talk about the shows on TV I’m currently watching. This week is

The original, not that I don’t like Miami or NY, but today we’re hitting up the original.
So last season ended with Laurence Fishburne

AKA Dr. Ray Langston snapping after the serial killer Nate Haskell

kidnaps his ex-wife. Langston travels to find Haskell and kills him very brutally. The season finale has the CSI’s trying to determine from evidence if there colleague defended himself or committed murder. The last seen of the season shows internal affairs asking Langston that very question and the episode ends before he answers. With Fishburne not coming back this season, they wrote him out by saying he wasn’t put in jail but he is no longer a CSI and is living in Montana or some rural area with his ex-wife now his wife again.
To fill the hole left by Fishburne CSI cast Ted Danson

as the new director of the crime lab.
Danson’s character DB Russel is very querky and odd at times, much like the missed former director Gil Grissom

With only two episodes in we’ve already seen a multiple homicide on a train and the wild world of Gigolos, all that being said this season seems to be off to a great start and I’m really enjoying Danson’s character
Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Marvel Mondays

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Mondays are Marvel Mondays where each week I’ll talk about different Marvel characters. This week is this guy right here

Cyclops, or his real name Scott Summers. Now that’s Ultimate Cyclops, but there’s been many incarnations over the years like
Classic Cyclops:

Cyclops from X-men the Animated Series:

X-men Evolution Cyclops:

And Astonishing Cyclops:

And that’s just in the comics. There have also been live action Cyclops.

In X-Men, X2:X-men United and X-Men: The Last Stand:

And X-men Origins: Wolverine

Played by James Marsden and Tim Pocock respectively.

Although he’s had many looks one thing about Cyclops has always rang true. His leadership. He may be a little dull and stiff at times but Cyclops knows what it takes to lead a team of extraordinary people. Another significance of Cyclops is the famouse visor

Cyclops has the power to emit beams of energy from his eyes described as an “optic blast.” The beams have the appearance of red light however, they do not give off heat and instead deliver concussive force. The beams are tremendously powerful and can be used to rupture steel plates and pulverize rock. For all Cyclops’ skill in manipulating his optic beam, he is unable to completely shut it off. The optic beam continuously projects from his eyes which he must keep closed to prevent the destruction of objects within his field of view. Cyclops uses a pair of ruby quartz eye glasses developed by Professor X to contain the devastating rays. In his X-Men uniform he uses a ruby quartz battle visor in place of the glasses. His uniform has firing studs incorporated into his gloves and on the sides of the battle visor that control the visor’s aperture. Scott’s poor control over his power is attributed to events in his childhood. His lack of control is initially described as being due to a head wound during his childhood, disabling his brain’s ability to turn off his optic blasts.

As far as love life goes, Cyclops had a long relationship with his fellow teammate Jean Grey.

After being together for many years the two finally wed

But after the tragic death of Jean Grey Scott eventually moves on to his current lover interest, and former enemy. Emma Frost.

Currently Cyclops is putting his leadership skills to the ultimate test and is running the Xavier Institute with Emma Frost. Many adventures await Mr. Summers, but one things for certain. He’ll lead any incarnation of the X-Men into victory.