Ray’s Top 5 for the week.

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here’s my top 5 this week.

5. TOP VIDEO GAME: This week’s top video game in the spirit of the Stanley Cup playoffs is NHL 12.

I’ve been playing both online and be a pro mode, I just got drafted to the Edmonton Oilers….so yeah this is gonna be a good three-year contract….but I digress.

4. TOP TV SHOW: So this week How I Met Your Mother was a bit of a let down as was Big Bang Theory, and with Psych in its break I had to look to a new show. Thursday night I had myself a River Monsters marathon.

It’s a fascinating show where host Jeremy Wade goes all over the world to hunt down and catch the biggest and scariest fresh water fish on the planet.

Whether it be a massive catfish.

Or the terrifying goliath tiger fish.

It’s always interesting to see what he’ll catch.

3. TOP SONG- My top song for this week is by a band I’ve never really heard of before called Falling in Reverse. The song is I’m Not a Vampire.

2. TOP PHONE APP-I’ve really gotten into the app called Vlingo

 it’s basically just like Siri without the talking back (which I don’t care for) even though it is available for Apple, I like to refer to it as the Siri of Android. Great App, if you have an Android or an iPhone without Siri, definitely check it out.

1. TOP SPORTS TEAM-I end off with sports team again this week, cause again it was a big shocker. Even though it totally messed up my first round bracket, my top sports team this goes to the Nashville Predators.

Last night the Predators made a huge upset and elimiated my mortal enemies the Detroit Red Wings from the playoffs.

Even though I’m not a Predators fan, I’m starting to like them a bit more now.

Well, that’s my top 5 for the week, be looking tonight for Guilford’s Corner!

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