The Return of Guilford’s Corner.

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

So this time around not only will the incomparable Matt Guilford supply me with his own take on famous comic book, Star Wars, video game, and TV characters, but he will also be supplying me with his own creations, along with a short bio so you can not only see his art skills, but also his creativeness. So without further do.

Guilford’s Corner presents:

Space Killer X

Space Killer X is one of 26 different Space Killer agents, a group of elite soldiers who were previously used to take down extremely dangerous interstellar criminals. Thirteen of these agents split off after ten years of service, and now wreak havoc across the universe. The other thirteen disbanded, and now roam space on their own paths.

X uses his skills to wage war against smugglers and pirates alike, even though he is sometimes perceived as a criminal for drastic actions he takes. He captains his own spacecraft, along with his friend Gigatrox (an AI), and manned by a crew gathered from nearby moons and planets, and they very rarely work for clients, mostly sticking to personal interests and needs. 
But as a darkness begins to grip a nearby system, X’s life is threatened by an encounter with a former friend, and he realizes that a star lord is gathering agents to take over the free worlds; some of these agents being X’s old partners.

Well there you have it, Space Killer X. My personal favorite of Guilford’s collection of wacky characters. I hope you enjoyed. See you all tomorrow!

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