Ray’s Top 5 of the week.

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I meant to do this last night but got busy with date night so here it is today. Ray’s top 5 things of the week!

5. Song- So my top song of the week, even though I’ve been technically listening to Mass Effect music more, the 1 real song I’ve had on repeat the last couple of days has been The Memory Remains by Metallica. It’s a great song and nothing beats some good old Metallica.


4. Video Game- So more recently I’ve been back to playing WWE 12 and NHL 12 but up until a couple days ago I have been re-playing the entire Mass Effect trilogy. More recently the latest installment, Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect follows the journey of Commander Shepard, an Alliance Military soldier who’s life gets turned upside down when he learns the intention of an ancient race of sentient machines called the Reapers, to wipe out all organic life in the galaxy. When no one believes Commander Shepard he must do everthing in his power to stop them alone (with the help of a few loyal friends). The game is completely immersive and decision based. The decisions you make can change the whole outcome of the games. And the best part is, you can import your game from ME1 to ME2 and ME2 to ME3 and all the decisions you made in the two previous games are remembered in ME3. A great game that I will most likely beat for a 3rd time sometime in the future.

3. Movie-  I haven’t really seen too many movies this week, so I’m really just choosing the one I have seen (I did see Epic Movie also this week, but not sure that counts as a movie) So my top movie this week was The Muppets.

Not a blockbuster or anything, but it was a well written story (by Jason Segal) and it’s always great to see The Muppets back in action! Overall a fun movie for the whole family.

2. TV Show- So TV this week was interesting. CSI: NY, Miami and Vegas were all a little Lackluster. Good episodes but nothing to write home about like some have been in the past. Community was ok, funny episode but not as good as last weeks. And for second place there was a tie between

How I Met Your Mother


and Big Bang Theory

Those 2 shows this week were both great and probably would have been my number 1 picks if it hadn’t been for the season finale of Psych

Without giving away some spoilers. It was a great episode, classic Psych, but didn’t seem like a season finale til the very end. The shocking ending is what made Psych my number 1 pic this week.



1. Sports Team- So when I got this idea a couple days ago, I was hoping to use the Blackhawks for this section, but right now they’re not doing so well against the Coyotes. I thought I was gonna have to the Kings, or God forbid the freakin’ Bruins and not rep my Chicago teams….until yesterday.

Yesterday the World Series champs, the St. Louis Cardinals had their home opener and the ceremony presenting their rings. They played my team the Chicago Cubs. by the Bottom of the 5th it was 8-0 Cubs! The Cubs beat the world series champs 9-5. Making the Chicago Cubs my top team of the week.


Well that’s my top 5 of the week. Normally this will be on Friday.

Be looking later tonight for the brand new GUILFORDS CORNER!

Peace Out

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