I’m baaaaaaaaaaack

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok so, no set plan of action, no theme, no gimmicks (for now atleast) I’m just gonna update everyone on my life since….HOLY CRAP October 29th 2011?!?!?!?!

Well, the reason it’s been so long, is right around then is when I got my new job. I am now a Sales Support Representative for AT&T

Which means I get a sweet new company phone, which is the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, I know long name, but it’s truely awesome.

Well right around Oct 29th me and Amanda celebrated our last anniversary not only as a “dating couple” but our last anniversary on the date of Oct 25th.
For the life of me I can’t remember what I got Amanda, probably flowers…oh wait I remember that part of the gift was an awesome date to this place called Pelagia Trattatoria, it was amazing best food I’ve ever had.

This reminds me, we must go back sometime, maybe the night after our wedding :). The other date/gift was to a Josh Grobin (I think) concert. It was some artist that Amanda REALLY liked and I got us tickets to the suite.

And my gift…was freaking awesome!

best girlfriend ever!!!
Shortly after that, I got all gussied up

and flew out to Ft. Lauderdale for training for my new job for 2 weeks
I got a sick hotel:
And had some great hotel room service a couple nights:

And just about every night after work, I went down and swam in the heated pool under the beautiful night sky of Ft. Lauderdale. It was great, the best part was on Saturday and Sunday of the first week we didn’t have class so I got to go catch a movie and just hang around town.

I came home the week of Thanksgiving and worked in the store for a week….Black Friday in retail was a bear. And then I flew back to Ft. Lauderdale for 1 more week of training. But before going back I did finally take my engagement pictures with my beautiful future wife…this one didn’t make the cut.

Finally after 3 weeks, I was complete. I was made an AT&T employee

Than I came back, started work in the store and finally Christmas came, my favorite time of year

I got some awesome gifts from Amanda and her family
I think my favorite though was this

gotta love Psych!
Speaking of Psych, we went to our cake tasting and I chose my groom cake

And also the Sunday after Christmas, I took the front of stage at Church of the Suncoast and put down my bass and sang. Although I was nervous, my church family eased my nerves with the newest CoS t-shirt

So the story behind that is, when I started playing in the band I received the nickname Rayzor. Well jokingly one time Meredith (our awesome drummer who’s idea the shirts were) asked what we should name the band. So I said jokingly back “How about Rayzor, and the other guys.” and the rest as they say is history.

So January very little happen to me personally. I joined a gym with my buddy Art, but the most important thing in January was the birth of my god-daughter Grace.

Who I haven’t gotten to see since that day…stupid work. We’ll fix that soon. Grace is the daughter of Amanda’s best friend Chelsea and her fiance Justin. Two great people so their child will be great by default.

So February rolled around not a whole lot happened besides Valentines day, our last valentines day as an engaged couple. I got Amanda a bouquet and we went to a hockey game and sat front row, and ate in the Channelside club. and she got me the best gift ever….

A blowup of Hulk 181 the debut of Wolverine. I mean technically Wolverine debuted in 180, but not til the last panel, so this is the one I consider his debut and she got it! Can I repeat best. fiance. ever! It’s going up in my man-cave at my house….oh yeah did I forget to mention, we signed our lease on our town home? so yeah February we moved in most of stuff. I don’t have any pics but I’ll be sure to get some soon.
That was it for February so…random band pics!

So thats’ about it. Not a whole lot has happened in March besides going from this

to this

Other than that, that’s my life from October-Now. I promise the next post, and there will be a next post will be much more excited, just had to get the updating out of the way.

I leave you all with some final artwork.
1 from my good pal Matt Guilford…yes Matt Guilford of the…not so famous Guilford’s corner I tried to start. Which will return if I can get him to do some more artwork…maybe some Mass Effect stuff…ah, ah, eh Matt?

Here’s his Joker from the Killing Joke

And some of my own artwork, I found a fear the beard sign for Brian Wilson an MLB pitcher, and decided to make my own, this is an outline of my real beard.

well, that’s all for now folks, I promise to update more regularily…
oh yeah one last picture…our wedding rings

May 19th people! I’m freaking out, but in a good way.

Visit our wedding website at http://www.mywedding.com/amandaraymond

Peace Out Peeps!

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